Laboratory Animal Research Enclosures

Animal research laboratories require a wide variety of biosafety enclosures to ensure researcher and animal safety. TSS offers comprehensive testing, certification, and maintenance of biological safety cabinets and other HEPA filtration safety equipment. Our skilled technicians are authorized to perform warranty repairs for all major equipment manufacturers. All testing is performed in accordance with established TSS SOPs, which are updated to remain compliant with applicable federal and international safety guidelines, current good manufacturing practices [cGMPs], and our own ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Primary tests performed include:

  • Inflow velocity measurements - assures that a safe inflow is maintained to protect the operator
  • Downflow velocity measurements - documents that the air in the work area is unidirectional and functioning as designed, preventing cross contamination
  • HEPA filter integrity testing - tests filters and the system for leakage or defects
  • Fluorescent and UV light testing - assures fluorescent lighting levels are sufficient to prevent operator fatigue and UV lighting operates adequately
  • Airflow visualization testing - qualitatively verifies airflow direction using a source of visible fog
  • Site installation testing and alarm calibration - assesses appropriate procedures for the installation of units for NSF and OSHA compliance

Optional tests include:

  • Non-viable particle counting
  • Electrical safety testing - assures that the unit is electrically grounded
  • Pressure decay and cabinet integrity testing - establishes that there is no contamination escaping through welds and joints
  • Vibration testing - assures animal safety by testing for vibration
  • Sound testing - verifies that using the hood will not contribute to worker fatigue

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