Compressed Air/Gas System Testing

TSS is pleased to provide compressed air testing to all classes and parameters of ISO 8573. From the biopharma, medical device and healthcare industries to food and beverage production, TSS provides complete testing services for compressed gas and compressed dry air systems to ensure compliance with ISO, FDA and USP requirements.

Mitigating contamination

High levels of particulate may impact the operation of your system as well as the processes served by it. ISO 8573 establishes purity classes for solid particulate. TSS will measure and report the total concentration for the appropriate particulate sizes to ensure your system is in compliance and functioning properly.

Excessive water may also lead to system or process failures. ISO 8573 defines several classes of pressure dewpoint criteria. TSS utilizes NIST-traceable, digital dewpointers to directly measure the pressure dewpoint of each system for real-time comparison to ISO criteria.

Oil is introduced into CDA/CGS lines from the compressor. TSS will collect total oil vapor and/or mist samples to provide laboratory analysis of detected hydrocarbons.

TSS is also capable of providing gas purity and viable bioburden analysis.

Not all testing is considered equal

ISO provides descriptions of testing methodologies and considerations for testing to ISO 8573-1 criteria. To accurately apply these criteria, sampling and measurement must be conducted in accordance with the related testing methodology document. TSS offers testing and certification for all ISO defined purity classes.

Further, TSS offers a full suite of additional services to support your facility’s needs. Please contact your regional TSS office for additional information or to schedule a free consultation.

With every service call, TSS offers you

  • responsive service to minimize downtime
  • customized documentation and technical writing services
  • online access to your equipment inventory and certification
  • the assurance of an ISO 9001 certified quality system
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Download Compressed Gas Testing Information

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