Laboratory Water System Services

As the universal solvent, water quality is critical to every laboratory application. From tap water feed to endotoxin free, Type I water, let TSS ensure your point of use laboratory water system is delivering the purity you require.

Start with the best equipment

Technical Safety Services is your nationwide supplier of ultra high-purity laboratory water systems. TSS will assist you with sourcing systems that deliver the freshest filter media for long lasting filter efficacy. TSS provides the best solutions for your lab water purification needs.

TSS delivers confidence

From incoming feedwater to the output of your laboratory water system, routine testing, maintenance and calibration by TSS provides confidence that your water system is delivering the purity you need.

Routine water system services include:

  • Biannual sanitization of all water-contacting parts with chlorine dioxide
  • Annual calibration of conductivity/resistivity sensor and meter
  • Annual water quality testing of incoming feedwater and system output to Type 1 specifications
  • Replacement, as needed, of: ion-exchange cartridges, ultrafilter, 0.2micron capsule filter, endotoxin filter and UV bulb

Total system solutions

One call is all it takes – TSS technicians will evaluate your feedwater quality to determine what type of pre-filtration is right for you. From evaluation to laboratory water system selection, setup and maintenance, make Technical Safety Services your single source for high-purity water.

Call 800.877.7742 or contact TSS online today.

With every service call, TSS offers you

  • responsive service to minimize downtime
  • customized documentation and technical writing services
  • online access to your equipment inventory and certification
  • the assurance of an ISO 9001 certified quality system
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