BSL-3 Testing, Certification & Performance Verification

Biosafety Level 3 [BSL-3] facilities must be designed, operated, and maintained to continually achieve the critical containment required per facility and regulatory requirements. TSS' BSL-3 testing, certification, and performance verification services provide assurance that your facility is operating reliably and as intended. From facility design review through performance verification testing, let TSS' proven knowledge and experience work for you!

For each BSL-3, TSS' Technical Writing team will generate a facility-specific Testing, Certification, and Performance Verification protocol to ensure compliance with standards and guidelines set out by USDA, NIH, OSHA, and the CDC. Utilizing facility and industry performance verification standards, including ANSI Z9.14, TSS will assist in a facility risk-assessment to define an annual testing plan that meets your specific needs.

With TSS' expertise and experience in testing and certifying Biosafety Cabinets [BSCs], HEPA filters, and controlled environments, annual BSL-3 facility testing becomes a single-vendor solution.

Testing and performance verification may include the following services:

  • BSC, HEPA filter, or other primary containment certification
  • Magnehelic gauge or digital room pressure monitor calibration
  • Verification of installed HVAC components against design and suitability for usage
  • Room Integrity Verification
  • Room Airflow Profile & Room Air Exchange Rate Calculation
  • Failure analysis of primary systems
  • Performance Verification of HVAC systems: Including redundancy testing, real-time    differential pressure data logging & real-time verification of directional airflow during failure testing with visual smoke source
  • Review and/or generation of SOPs
  • Small and large-scale decontamination for your BSL-3 or related equipment

Technical Safety Services is ready to provide you with our quality BSL-3 testing, certification, and performance verification services. Please contact TSS at 800-877-7742 or online to discuss your specific needs.

With every service call, TSS offers you

  • responsive service to minimize downtime
  • customized documentation and technical writing services
  • online access to your equipment inventory and certification
  • the assurance of an ISO 9001 certified quality system
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