High Purity Water Services

High Purity Water System Services

As the universal solvent, water quality is critical to every laboratory application. From tap water feed to endotoxin free, Type I water, let TSS ensure your point of use laboratory water systems are delivering the purity you require.

TSS Delivers Confidence

We test and certify all required points of use throughout your facility with custom tailored service plans to meet your lab water system’s compliance requirements.

Routine Water System Services Include:
  • Replacement of filters, cartridges, O-rings, and UV bulbs
  • Service history with traceability of system parameters recorded
  • Comprehensive checking of system specifications.
  • Mechanical and electrical controls inspection
  • System sanitization
  • Resistivity Meter verification
  • TOC Verification
  • Bioburden & Endotoxin Testing

Annual, Semi-Annual & Custom Tailored Compliance Maintenance Plans Available

TSS Provides Total Water System Solutions
  • Small Ultrapure Water Systems
  • Validated Water for Injection (WFI) Systems
  • Commercial Water Systems
  • Industrial Water Systems
  • RO Waste Water Recycle Systems

TSS will evaluate your feed water quality to perform Reverse Osmosis (RO) projections before designing systems to insure the appropriate pre-treatment is incorporated into your system design. This will give your system the life and performance you expect from your investment. From evaluation of laboratory water and system selection to installation, maintenance and compliance, TSS has you covered. 

Make Technical Safety Services your single source for high-purity water: Call 800-877-7742 or contact TSS online today.

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High Purity Water Basics