USP <797> Sampling Kits

USP <797> provides guidelines and quality standards for preparing compounded sterile medications.

Technical Safety Services now offers Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Sampling kits in compliance with USP <797> sampling requirements to help ensure patient benefit and reduce risks such as contamination, infection or incorrect dosing.  These convenient, cost effective kits allow you to control testing on your timeline.

USP <797> Sampling Kits

Sampling Kits we offer:

  • Air Sampling
  • Surface Sampling
  • Glove Fingertip Sampling
  • Media Fill/Aseptic Technique Testing

What’s included in a Kit?

  • Sampling media, packaging materials, shipping container, cold packs, sample labels, chain of custody form, and shipping label
  • Media types can include TSA, SDA, or MEA

How do the Sampling Kits work?

You determine the types of samples you need, the number of samples you need and the frequency you need to perform sampling.  Simply fill out this form and email it back to us to set up your kit subscription.  We will send you everything you need to take your own samples.  TSS also sells Air Sampling Equipment as a solution to your environmental needs.

What do I do with my samples once they’re collected?

  • You’ll send samples directly to TSS
  • Enumeration will be processed via an automated colony counter with digital imaging
  • Species level identification by a MALDI-TOF Smart Biotyper System will reduce what previously took 14 days turnaround time to 1-2 days

How do I get my results?

  • TSS will provide customers with a Microbial Analysis Report (MAR) for each of their chosen samples
  • Customers will receive identifications to species level for any samples that demonstrate growth
  • Each report is reviewed and approved by a laboratory manager and a data quality analyst to confirm the highest quality to our customers.

Need a quick refresher on how to adequately collect samples?

No problem! We offer Instructional Video and Tutorial Packages through our online learning management system.  Customers can enroll an unlimited number of employees into each module.  Additionally, we offer on-site training should your business require in-person training.

Ready to get started?

Simply fill out this form and email it back to us, or Contact Us Here to request your DIY Sampling Kits.